Introducing The Glosseta Foundation

Introducing The Glosseta Foundation

The Problem with Today's Web3

Presently, much of the attention around Web3 (i.e. the new internet backed by blockchains) is surrounded by misinformation and misrepresentation of what it is and what it isn't. The typical signals the average person is exposed to regarding Web3 cast a negative light instead of focusing on what the movement is trying to achieve. A lot has to do with a perception that Web3 and Cryptocurrency speculation are indistinguishable which is just not true. Web3 is the umbrella that covers the entire ecosystem and Cryptocurrency is one of the core innovations that fall under it. Indeed, Web3 is more than just Cryptocurrency but the world doesn't hear or see that narrative. Much of the current narrative comes from mainstream media amplifying negativity around the space to spread FUD, celebrities taking advantage of their unknowing fans and in general, people who frankly don't know what they're talking about. These are not the informational sources our friends and family should have to rely on to learn the space. We can do much better.

On the other side of the coin, regarding the reputable content that's out there, too much of today's documentation, educational-oriented DAO's and communities are heavily developer-oriented. At this moment, that content is important for the growth of Web3 as developers are needed more than ever to ensure future building blocks are in place. Unfortunately, at this time no one is deeply concentrating on how the rest of the globe is supposed to understand Web3 and its surrounding ecosystem in a manner that doesn't require a technical background.

What if there was an organization whose sole mission was to provide the most globally accessible, digestible web3 educational and factual content? At the same time, being built in an open, localized, decentralized, transparent and community-driven manner...

Enter the Glosseta Foundation

The Glosseta Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to push forward accessible, decentralized, open and easily digestible Web3 content at a global scale. As previously mentioned, too much of today's Web3 educational content and documentation is geared toward a more technical audience and in most cases, doesn't make sense to the average person looking to learn the basics. Furthermore, there currently isn't a community-driven effort to come up with a single source of truth for factual content around Web3. This is where the Glosseta Foundation is looking to make its mark with the help of the entire Web3 community.

The Three Pillars of the Mission


The primary mission of the Glosseta Foundation is to provide the best open, localized and decentralized educational platform for anybody of any skill level looking to learn about Web3 protocols, terms, common lingo, applications, and more. The main vessel for which this will become a reality is the Glosseta Platform.

In its current form, Glosseta is an open, decentralized Web3 glossary for protocols, terms, people, applications, and more with the intent to demystify the Web3 space and ecosystem. What makes Glosseta unique is how all of the glossary definition content displayed on the site is stored and served through the Arweave Storage Protocol. With this type of approach, all future educational content will also be freely available, live forever and be censor-resistant.

The north-star vision is turning Glosseta into a prominent educational platform for anyone looking to onboard into Web3 regardless of technical background. Initially, this will be driven through the creation of streamlined knowledge modules meant to introduce the fundamentals of Web3 to a broad audience. Further down the line, these will extend into knowledge modules for the broader Web3 ecosystem akin to decentralized (and incentivized) Wikipedia.

Unified Factual Data

To make the platform a reality, there needs to be a single source of truth for factual data that the entire Web3 community can contribute to and utilize as we move forward as a group. Too much of today's Web3 content is a misrepresentation of the reality of its current and future landscape. To add to the complexity of navigating the space, many of the prominent Web3 protocols, dApps, etc. have a hard time communicating their product to a non-technical audience and are missing a huge section of the population: the people who are going to be everyday users of their product.

To help create the type of content the average person will need to start learning web3, the Foundation has created a new accessible means of interacting with decentralized storage called Storedat. Storedat is a GraphQL abstraction layer built on top of web3 storage providers like Arweave and Filecoin to be able to provide a seamless and consistent experience when reading and writing via a single integration. Initially, Storedat will look to power the needs of the Glosseta Educational Platform but has the north-star vision to also power the data needs of all those who want to utilize decentralized storage.

Uniting the Community

The aspirational pillars outlined above will need the buy-in from the entire Web3 community to become a reality. Educating the masses about Web3 is no trivial task and won't be done quickly (especially doing so with a global reach in mind). Today's web users aren't familiar with what's powering their favorite app or how the algorithms are working under the hood. Maybe people aren't interested in that type of thing and that's a fair assumption with today's perspective of the web; however, Web3 is looking to provide people an opportunity to learn and be part of the ecosystem in a way that hasn't been available before. We are entering an age where transparency, public goods and DAO communities are going to be driving innovations in this new internet we are all trying to forge. To make this a reality and to give the globe the best chance to change the narratives of the past and present, the community needs to start working more closely together (instead of against each other) to make Web3 what we all envision it to be.

Closing Thoughts

The Glosseta Foundation is a very aspirational effort and movement whose goals will not come to fruition overnight or over a few quarters. Proper, factual education at this stage of the Web3 movement is just as critical as the work developers are doing to ensure the fundamental pieces are in place for the next great wave of disruptive innovation. I hope to be able to partner with the great thinkers, developers and prominent entities of today's Web3 to be able to create the new world we are building that is accessible, transparent and comprehensible to the globe.

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